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July 24

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Star Citizen Alpha 3.13.1

Feature Description
Ship to Station Docking Adding the ability for players to dock large ships to docking ports at space stations.

various related work such as having ATC assign you docking ports when appropriate, new docking connectors, and new lobbies in space stations for large ships to connect to. This initial implementation will give docking access to the 890 Jump and Hammerhead. Players can ASOP spawn or hail the station like before and be assigned a docking port instead of a hangar with these ships. While docking, hailing the station will assign a docking port and bring up the docking interface for players to align their ship's docking port to the docking collar either manually or using the auto-land system by holding N (default).

Tumbril Nova Adding the Tumbril Nova heavy tank to the game

Adds the Nova to the game, bringing powerful, tough ground combat into the PU.

Crusader M2 Hercules Starlifter & C2 Hercules Starlifter Adds two Hercules variants to the game

Adds two of three Hercules variants to the game, allowing for heavy combat transport of vehicles and cargo.

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