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Astro Armada

Human company in the vehicle sales industry
Astro Armada
IndustryVehicle sales
ProductsGround vehicles, Spacecraft
Area servedArea18, ArcCorp
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Astro Armada is a ship dealership in Area18 on ArcCorp. The company also sponsors several events such as 'Galactic Tour's Combat Ship of the Year' and Galactic Gear's TV episodes.[1]

Ship prices

Last updated: March 25, 2021; 6 months ago (2021-03-25) (Alpha 3.12.1)
Manufacturer Ship aUEC
Anvil Aerospace Arrow 972,300
Ballista 364,500
C8X Pisces Expedition 406,000
Carrack 26,657,500
Gladiator 1,954,500
Hawk 1,284,400
Hornet F7C 1,492,700
Hornet F7C-M Super 2,132,600
Hornet F7C-R Tracker 1,832,100
Hornet F7C-S Ghost 1,654,100
Hurricane 1,218,300
Terrapin 2,568,100
Valkyrie 4,454,400
Aopoa Khartu-al 2,113,900
Nox 349,200
Banu Defender 2,781,000
Consolidated Outland Mustang Delta 763,600
Mustang Gamma 627,500
Esperia Prowler 4,248,200
Blade 3,370,600
Talon 1,854,500
Talon Shrike 2,259,200
Kruger Intergalactic P-52 Merlin 135,500
Origin Jumpworks M50 1,193,800
100i 654,000
135c 839,000
300i 767,200
315p 882,600
325a 944,200
350r 1,602,100
600i Explorer 9,475,100
600i Touring 9,894,000
Greycat Industrial PTV 5,145




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