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Name Size Manufacturer Class Grade UEC Cost Speed
Agni L JUST Industrial B 108,200
Aither M RSI Civilian B 35,650
Atlas S RSI Civilian A 17,900
Balandin L WETK Military B 142,050
Beacon (quantum drive) S WETK Military C 37,850 - 39,987
Bolon M JUST Industrial C 33,250-34,212
Bolt M RACO Stealth B 53,700
Burst S ARCC Civilian B 13,100
Cascade M ARCC Civilian D 26,100
Colossus S JUST Industrial B 16,150
Crossfield M WETK Military C 59,951-63,933
Drift S RACO Stealth C 21,500-23,615
Drifter L TARS Civilian D 89,600
Echo (quantum drive) L ARCC Civilian D 112,600
Eos S RSI Civilian C 15,674-16,352
Erebos L RSI Civilian A 126,000
Expedition S TARS Civilian C 15,000-21,299
Fissure L ARCC Civilian C 99,700
Flash M ARCC Civilian B 27,650
Flood S ARCC Civilian D 12,450
Foxfire S ACAS Competition B 29,150
Goliath S JUST Industrial C 12,071-14,611
Hemera M RSI Civilian B 38,250
Huracan M JUST Industrial B 36,800
Hyperion (quantum drive) S RSI B 16,800
Impulse L ARCC Civilian B 89,200
Kama L JUST Industrial C 93,288-112,923
Khaos M RSI Civilian C 33,100
LightFire (quantum drive) S ACAS Competition C 26,450
Metis L RSI Civilian C 130,050
Nova (quantum drive) M RACO Stealth C 43,850
Odyssey (quantum drive) M TARS Civilian C 31,450-41,194
Pontes L WETK Military C 117,818-125,471
Quest M TARS Civilian D 29,550
Ranger (quantum drive) L TARS Civilian B 101,700
Rush S ARCC Civilian C 12,800-12,830
Siren S WETK Military B 48,537 - 52,271
Sojourn M TARS Civilian B 32,850
SparkFire M ACAS Competition C 56,100
Spectre S RACO Stealth A 36,150
Spicule M RACO Stealth A 63,200
SunFire L ACAS Competition B 57,950
TS-2 L WETK Military A 93,700
Torrent (quantum drive) M ARCC Civilian C 26,900
Tyche L RSI Civilian B 133,000
VK-00 S WETK Military A 43,300
Vesta L JUST Industrial D 106,600
Voyage S TARS Civilian B 15,600
Vulcan (quantum drive) S JUST D 13,900
Wanderer L TARS Civilian C 111,950
Wayfare S TARS Civilian D 14,100
XL-1 M WETK Military A 94,900
Yaluk M JUST Industrial D 30,000
Yeager M WETK Military B 74,350
Zephyr S RACO Stealth B 30,250


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