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CitizenCon 2014

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CitizenCon 2014 (2944)
Event TypeOpen Venue
LocationAvalon Hollywood,
Los Angeles,
Keynote DemosPersistent Universe Demo
Concept SalesCutlass Red
Cutlass Blue
890 Jump
Commemorative ItemsCitizenCon 2944 Trophy
Preceded byGamescom 2014
Followed byPAX Australia 2014

CitizenCon 2014 (2944 In-Lore) was a live event organised by Cloud Imperium Games to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Star Citizen's announcement. The event took place on 10 October 2014 at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles, USA and 300 tickets for attendance were sold at $40 per person. The event was also livestreamed for the wider Star Citizen community. The event was pitched as a "review [of] what we've accomplished to date and then [we'll] give you a sneak peak [of] what's coming up for Star Citizen."

Keynote Presentation



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