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CitizenCon 2015

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CitizenCon 2015 (2945)
Event TypeOpen Venue
LocationRunway Visitor Park,
Manchester Airport,
Keynote DemosAlpha 2.0 Demo
The Morrow Tour
Concept SalesN/A
Commemorative ItemsN/A
Preceded byGamescom 2015
Followed byAnniversary Livestream 2015

CitizenCon 2015 (2945 In-Lore) was a live event organised by Cloud Imperium Games to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Star Citizen's announcement. The event took place on 10 October 2015 at the Runway Visitor Park at Manchester Airport, Manchester, UK. The event was also livestreamed for the wider Star Citizen community. All then members of the Foundry 42 Manchester studio were in attendence - over one hundred developers. Chris Roberts, Sandi Gardiner, Ortwin Freyermuth and Thomas Hennessy were also present from other studios.[1]

Keynote Presentation


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