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Capital ship manufactured by Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern
ManufacturerMusashi Industrial and Starflight Concern (MISC)
RoleHeavy Science
Crew3 – 5
Cargo capacity500 SCU
Production state
  • In concept
Loaner vehicleStarfarer, Cutlass Red
AvailabilityTime-limited sales
Length200 m
Beam48 m
Height20 m
Mass4,055,000 kg
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The MISC Endeavor-class research vessel is a fully modular space platform designed to be adapted for a variety of scientific and medical tasks. Initially developed as a floating laboratory, the MISC Endeavor can be outfitted for everything from spatial telescopy to use as mobile hospital.[1]


Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x total
TBD M Radar Medium (Medium) 1 x 1
TBD M Computer Medium (Medium) 1 x 4
Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x total
Power Plants
TBD L Power Plant Large (Large) 1 x 1
TBD C Power Plant Capital (Capital) 1 x 1
TBD L Cooler Large (Large) 1 x 4
TBD L Shield Generator Large (Large) 1 x 2

Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x Total
Fuel Intakes
TBD L Fuel Intake Large (Large) 1 x 2
Fuel Tanks
L Fuel Tank Large (Large) 1 x 2
Quantum Drives
TBD C Quantum Drive Capital (Capital) 1 x 1
Jump Modules
TBD C Jump Module Capital (Capital) 1 x 1
Quantum Fuel Tanks
C Quantum Fuel Tank Capital (Capital) 1 x 1
Component Manufacturer Model Type # per mount x Total
Main Thrusters
Main Thruster N/A x 9
Retro Thruster N/A x 4
Maneuvering Thrusters
Fixed Maneuvering Thruster N/A x 18

Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x Total
TBD S5 Weapon TBC 5 (5) 2 x 1


The Endeavor is MISC's most prestigious ship: a dedicated research platform capable of carrying a dozen different space science packages, running the gamut from advanced long-range scanners for jump point identification to additional shielding for near-stellar corona research. Externally, the Endeavor is dotted with sensor hardpoints; internally, the main compartment is centered on a large research laboratory which can be configured for use by a wide range of scientific disciplines. The Endeavor's main compartment is modular, allowing an alternate configuration as a Hope-class floating hospital. This variant is employed by the UEE and other organizations as battlefield support, capable of getting Marines and pilots back to the battle as quickly as possible! When outfitted as a hospital, the Endeavor's docking bay is capable of maintaining a single Cutlass Red ambulance. The Endeavor has also found its way into the service of less reputable organizations, where it can has been modified for everything from narcotics production to black market surgery.[1]

The Endeavor is divided into three sections or stages.

  • Stage 1 - Explorer Cab: This is the front section of the ship that can separate and act as a separate ship. Featuring everything short of a jump drive, the Explorer cab is intended for risky operations where the Workshop could otherwise suffer costly damage or potential destruction. Since it holds most of the ships Cargo space, the Cab can be used to pick-up or deliver items to landing area, the rest of the workshop can remain safe elsewhere.
  • Stage 2 - The Workshop: This is the main section of the ship. It is fully modular, offering a three by two grid of six attach-points for independently designed scientific and medical pods or modules. These modules can be anything from standard laboratories to hangar bays to even more exotic designs. When left on-orbit, the workshop and drive unit can continue to function together as a ‘dry lab’ installation.
  • Stage 3 - The Drive: This is where the capital-class power plant is kept. It is designed to generate all the energy that is required by the modules. This section also holds the ship's main thrusters, though it is unable to maneuver without the Explorer cab's thrusters attached.


The Workshop stage offers modularity that is based on a ‘plug and play’ grid concept that can allow for up to six independent modules attached at any one time. Modules are typically installed in balanced (symmetrical) pairs. Each module lists the number of slots it takes, ranging from 2×1 (two spaces, one across) to 3×2 (all six slots.) Further restrictions on individual module connections, such as a module limit, are listed in their descriptions below.

Focus Size Installation Limit Price (USD)
Agriculture 2x1 Two sets - 4 domes per ship 100
Endeavor Module - Bio-dome.png
These are designed to support ongoing agriculture operations, adapting and growing foodstuffs.

Focus Size Installation Limit Price (USD)
Fuel & Cargo 2x1 N/A 35
Endeavor Module - Fuel.png
The Fuel Pod takes up a minimal amount of space to add additional fuel for long-duration missions.

Focus Size Installation Limit Price (USD)
Science-to-Income 2x1 N/A 45
Endeavor Module - Research.png
This is intended as a multi-use facility that can support a variety of active scientific pursuits like biological studies, microscopy, zero gravity experiments etc.,. It houses internal slots for precision scanners, sample & specimen collections, spectrometers and chemical analyzers. It is capable of cataloging new experimental data as well as producing cutting edge compounds.

Focus Size Installation Limit Price (USD)
Science 2x1 N/A 45
Endeavor Module - Science.png
These are designed for analytic data gathering and house a variety of scientific computers and data-banks. Mainly used for turning the raw information gathered by the General Research pods or the Telescope Array, it can also be used for getting data from elsewhere in the Verse.

Focus Size Installation Limit Price (USD)
Ship Storage & Spawn 2x1 One per ship 75
Endeavor Module - Landing Bay.png
A large hangar that is underneath the spacecraft and attaches directly to other laboratory pods. Intended to support hospital operations, the landing bay has room to for multiple Cutlass Red's and features complete decontamination facilities. The hangar can also be used alongside standard science modules and can support the upkeep of small spacecraft.

Focus Size Installation Limit Price (USD)
Respawn & Heal 2x2 One per ship (due to size) 75
Endeavor Module - Medical Bay.png
Designed as a hospital, complete with operating theaters, recovery rooms and more. It is intended to operate alongside the optional Landing Bay module for ferrying patients for treatment and recovery.

Focus Size Installation Limit Price (USD)
Crew Capacity 2x1 N/A 25
Endeavor Module - Service Equipment & Crew.png
Adds additional crew facilities, allowing the Workshop module to function as a stand-alone installation for longer missions or for the overall ship to support additional crew in general.

Focus Size Installation Limit Price (USD)
Overclocking 2x2 One per ship (due to size) 125
Endeavor Module - Super-collider.png
This is an elaborate overclocking facility. It includes a pair of ‘white room’ workbench labs ideal for tweaking and overclocking ship components, like weapons or thrusters, pushing them to their theoretical limits.

Focus Size Installation Limit Price (USD)
POI Discovery, Science 2x1 One per ship 125
Endeavor Module - Telescope Array.png
This is an extremely powerful mobile stellar observatory which can be useful for everything from standard navigation studies to jump point discoveries.

Preset packages

On top of the individual modules and base ship being sold, the endeavor was also offered in pre-configured sets. These sets have a discount applied compared to buying the modules separately.

Name Package Focus Modules Price (USD) Discount [USD]
Discovery-class Science Service & Crew, General Research, General Science 425 40
Hope-class Fleet & Troop Support Medical Bay, Landing Bay 450 50
Olympic-class Agriculture 2x Biodome 500 50
Master Set N/A All 900 100





A post outlining scientific basics for Star Citizen, and the usage of the various Endeavor modules was released at the same time as the Concept Sale.[2]

Three Q&As were also posted over the week of the concept sale.[3][4][5]

In a 10 for the Developers, Ben Lesnick answered a question related to the Endeavor's armament:[6]

"The Endeavor is not a combat ship, it's a science ship! We intentionally kept the weapons very limited. It's not an explorer either. It's a ship that goes to safer areas and does science. [...] it's entirely possible that we get additional point defense turrets. It's going to wait until we go into the white boxing/grey boxing stage."

Design Document

The MISC Endeavor is one of the most unique ships in the Star Citizen universe and the ultimate embodiment of the game's guiding philosophy to allow players the freedom to choose their own path. Its signature feature is a modular architecture that allows for an unprecedented level of customization of the base functionality, allowing the ship to fulfill any of a variety of different roles. The ability of an authorized dealer to promptly retrofit any of the three attachment points for a nominal surcharge means that owners will have the flexibility to quickly and cost effectively make large, sweeping changes to the core functionality of their ship, and thus much more easily shift from one occupation to another as often as they desire.[2]

See also

  • All descriptions & prices are taken from the concept sale.[7]


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