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Genesis system

Developing single star system
Genesis system
System TypeSingle Star
Size25 AU
Star TypeMain Sequence Dwarf-G
Asteroid Belts1
Discovered in2812
Jump Points3

The Genesis system is a single star developing planetary system.

Soon after its discovery in 2812,[1] to the disappointment of terraforming companies vying for the rights, surveyors identified a sentient species on Genesis II. The Fair Chance Act was invoked and scientists began to observe its evolution with great interest. Recent hostilities between two of the planet's species have made some question whether the FCA's strict non-intervention policy should be amended.

Gravitational governors


Genesis is a Main Sequence Dwarf-G star.


Genesis I

With no atmosphere to protect it, the surface of this mesoplanet is covered in craters from frequent asteroid bombardment.

Genesis II

A terrestrial world featuring continents interspersed with oceans. Teeming with sentient species, Genesis II has been placed under protection by the Fair Chance Act and heavily studied by scientists. Recently, a cephalopod-like ocean creature has begun to explore the planet's landmasses, sparking violent confrontations with the dominant land-based species. Even though the FCA bans intervention under any circumstance, scientists and academics are embroiled in a debate over the morality of permitting an interspecies war to occur under their watch. It is protected under the Fair Chance Act.

Genesis III

A massive ice giant in the far reaches of the system.

Asteroid belts

The Genesis system contains one asteroid belt. Belt Alpha is located between the orbits of Genesis II and Genesis III.

Known jump points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Croshaw - Corel Large Corel system
Croshaw - Charon Large Charon system
Croshaw - Taranis Medium Taranis system


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