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Artist's rendition of editing the Hornet page

Welcome to the Star Citizen Wiki! We are glad to see that you're interested in helping out. Editing a wiki can be overwhelming at first with the number of pages that exist and the new writing language (wikicode) to learn, but it won't be long before improving and changing the wiki becomes second nature.

Quick Start

For the eager editor, this guide should show you a few of the steps to take before making your first edits.

  1. Register an account here.
  2. Ask to be verified in Discord for elevated privileges from a new account. You can edit freely without being verified, but you cannot create pages. This step is to validate new editors and to help us reduce possible spam or griefing
    • The Discord channel is where we organize our page edits, ask for assistance, and discuss possible changes
  3. Explore our editing guides
  4. Make your first edit!
  5. Check out the Issue list page to see what we're all working on.
    • Message one of the task leaders there on their talk page or on Discord to see what you can do.

Some suggestions for things to do

After you've familiarized yourself with basic editing on your userpage, it's time to make some important, world-changing edits!

  • Browse the Tasks page or the Issue List to see some general and maintenance tasks that need to be worked on
    • This includes things like filling out stub pages (Which are missing some content) or adding detail to important pages (like Gameplay Mechanics)
  • Adopt a page! Pick a page and make it the best page on the wiki. Fill it in with official, referenced info, and a good number of interesting images.
  • Patrol the Recent Changes log to revert vandalism, help out other contributors, or suggest improvements

Additional Reading

  • Star Citizen:Editing: a collection of guides on editing the wiki.
  • Help:Editing: A general overview of editing syntax. Basic formatting code and how to edit/create pages.
  • Help:Style_guide: A guide for the "style" of wiki pages. Mostly useful when first creating a page or adding large sections. Includes formatting for dates, linking, and citatios.
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Project:FAQ: FAQs for Star Citizen and the SC Wiki respectively. Some basic questions that may come up with answers. Taking suggestions!
  • ProjMGMT:Issue_List and Star_Citizen:Tasks: Issue lists and task lists for new editors looking to contribute or request help.


An important part of wiki editing is references, citations, and sourcing. It's important to have primary sources for any facts or information that is posted on the wiki for correctness and to reduce misinformation.

Single citation

Our primary template for referencing is {{RSI}}. It is used to link to primary sources on the Roberts Space Industries website. The source links will then be generated at the end of the page, or wherever <references/> is placed (Usually in the References section at the end)

  • Usage: {{RSI|ref=yes/no|url=stuff_after_|text=what the page is about}}
  • Example: "The Carrack is an exploration ship"{{RSI|ref=yes|url=pledge/ships/carrack/Carrack|text=Carrack Ship Page}}
  • Result: "The Carrack is an exploration ship" Template:RSI

For non-RSI references, simply use <ref name="Carrack Page"></ref>

Multiple Citations of the same reference

To cite the same reference/footnote multiple times, identify it using the Text or Name entry in previous references.

  • Example: "The Carrack is 180,000kg" <ref name="Carrack Ship Page"/>
  • Result: "The Carrack is 180,000kg" [1]


  1. Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; no text was provided for refs named Carrack Ship Page
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