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Page is meant to create a place to standardize common terms used in this wiki. It will be translated to standardize across languages.

System Types

  • Binary (Not Binary Stars)
  • Rogue Planet
  • Single Star
  • Stellar
  • Trinary
  • Unknown

Stellar Types

See also: Wikipedia on Stellar Classification

  • Blue-White Neutron Star (Pulsar)
  • Giants Giant-M
  • Main Sequence Dwarf-A
  • Main Sequence Dwarf-B
  • Main Sequence Dwarf-F
  • Main Sequence Dwarf-G
  • Main Sequence Dwarf-K
  • Main Sequence Dwarf-M
  • Main Sequence Dwarf-O
  • Main Sequence Flare-M
  • No Star
  • Unknown
  • White Dwarf Degenerate-A

Production States

  • Rumored
  • Announced
  • Unknown
  • In Concept
  • In Production
  • Inactive Production
  • Active Production
  • Hangar Ready
  • Flight Ready

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