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Northrock Service Group

Human company in the private security services industry
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Northrock Service Group
IndustryPrivate security services
HeadquartersNew Austin, Terra, Terra system
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
Key peopleEarl Chisum (CEO)
Founded2846 CE; 105 years ago (2846)
AlliesAdvocacy, Bounty Hunters Guild, Mercenary's Guild
RivalsBlacJac Security, Eckhart Security

Northrock Service Group is a private security firm based in New Austin, Terra, Terra system. It is founded in 2846 primarily as a bodyguard service firm, since then it has expanded their operations to offer bounty hunting and mercenary services.[1] It is in the service of Shubin Interstellar.[2]

In-game description

Dedicated to sourcing only the most qualified, trained personnel, Northrock has a proven track record of providing the highest level of protection to their exclusive clientele. Started primarily as bodyguard service, Northrock has expanded their operations to also offer bounty hunting and mercenary services. Many police forces and corporations have come to trust Northrock to handle more difficult cases that they might not otherwise have the resources to deal with.


Mission Givers


Northrock Service Group regularly outsources many of it's security missions. Northrock Service is allied with the Advocacy, the Bounty Hunters Guild and the Mercenary's Guild and has a rivalry with BlacJac Security and Eckhart Security.[1]

Depending on a person's reputation regarding Northrock Service Group, there are several partnership levels that can be reached:

Level Perk
Junior Associate None
Associate None
Security Agent 5 % reward increase
Senior Security Agent 10 % reward increase
Security Specialist 15 % reward increase
Lead Security Specialist 20 % reward increase


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