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Headquarters Stanton
Type Faction
Parent Org Outlaw
Founded in 2528 (before)

The NovaRiders are an Outlaw faction currently operating in Stanton. They appear in several lawful Missions as enemies. They also feature in the minigame Mission to Hadrian. NovaRider livery is Black and Yellow.



The Original

According to B0otyCall host Jester, the original NovaRiders were the first Outlaw gang to boost a spaceship in-flight, where previous outfits had only stolen parked ships. At the time (sometime before the introduction of UEC in 2528), spacecraft were prohibitively expensive.

The NovaRiders didn't wind up lasting very long however. After pulling a handful of jobs and freaking out the people in charge, the military intervened, and wiped them out. However a few years later, another group started using the name, becaming a tradition. Every few years a new group would take it upon themselves to carry on.

The Distracters

A later iteration of the NovaRiders was known for only hitting cruisers. They would always have one of their own traveling aboard incognito with the rest of the passengers, and then halfway through the flight, their friends would show up knocking outside and they'd be kind enough to open the door. They always left everyone aboard naked to buy them a few extra minutes of distracting the Advocacy.

It's been at least twenty years since the last time there was an actual legit NovaRider gang striking fear into the hearts of the mild mannered. They'd sweep in screaming thrash music on all frequencies, so when the poor marks went to comm for help all they would hear was D-Struct singing her head off. A Senator at the time tried to get playing her music banned, but nothing makes for a sold-out concert tour like some button-down telling everyone that your sound is 'too dangerous.'

The Dregs

These days, the name is somewhat discredited among Outlaw circles, following their inclusion in the Original Systems game Arena Commander, with young wannabes calling themselves NovaRiders.[1]

In Media

The NovaRiders make an appearance in the in-lore fiction Collision Course.[2]


Mission to Hadrian

The NovaRiders are one of two playable factions in the Mission to Hadrian minigame, alongside the Wild Sevens. "It's not every day you stop at an R&R and are asked by a potentially dangerous stranger to explore old minefields for treasure. But today isn't every day..."




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