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Second Tevarin War

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Second Human-Tevarin War
Type Interspecies War
Dates 2603 - 2610-06-24
Theaters UEE Systems
Participants United Empire of Earth
Remnants of the Tevarin Sovereignty
Leaders Messer II (UEE)
Corath'Thal (Tevarin)
Losses Total (Tevarin)
Result Human Victory
  • Final defeat of the Tevarin;
  • Tevarin further absorbed into UEE;
  • Tevarin perform The Purge.

The Second Human-Tevarin War was an interstellar conflict between the United Empire of Earth and remnants of the Tevarin Sovereignty that had been dissolved in the wake of the first conflict. The war commenced in 2603, 57 years after the conclusion of the First Human-Tevarin War. A new Tevarin Warlord, Corath'Thal, emerged from the corners of the cosmos with a rebuilt Tevarin battle-fleet, and launched his first attack against the UEE systems. The fleet's sole mission was to reclaim Elysium IV, their former homeworld of Kaleeth. While it was a sympathetic cause that some Humans could support, the Empire refused to cede back territory to the Tevarins and reform their state. The war lasted seven years, three more than the first, and touched almost every corner of the Empire.[1]


At the end of the First Human-Tevarin War, their state was dissolved and the territory annexed by the United Empire of Earth. Most Tevarins were assimilated into the UEE as a sign of tolerance from the human government. However, a Tevarin fleet managed to escape the dissolution of their nation and take shelter away from UEE systems.

More than half a century later, the fleet reemerged to reclaim their former homeworld and reestablish their state.

Course of War

Battle of Centauri

On June 24, 2610 SET, Corath'Thal suffered a catastrophic defeat at the hands of UEEN 42nd Squadron at the Battle of Centauri.[1]

Defeat and "Tears of Fire"

With his fleet rapidly falling to either destruction or surrender, Corath'Thal mustered his remaining loyal pilots to make a desperate charge for Elysium IV. Though they suffered an additional 70% casualties, his fleet finally reached the atmosphere of their old homeworld. Corath'Thal and his pilots lowered their thermal shields and dove for the planet.[1]

The Tevarin fleet burned up in the atmosphere as they hurtled toward the ground.

Aaron Fring, a field medic on Elysium IV at the time, painted this dramatic event in his famous piece Tears of Fire - which "stands as one of the most enduring images from the Second Tevarin War" according to the Bentley National Gallery.[2]


With this second defeat, the spirit of the Tevarin race was irreparably broken. Imperator Messer II used the victory to cement his place as ruler of the newly christened United Empire of Earth.

The Second Human-Tevarin War was an attempt to reclaim the Tevarin's previous glory. When it failed miserably, the last believers of Rijora flung themselves toward Kaleeth, burning up in the atmosphere and crashing into the planet. The rest abandoned the beliefs for good. This climactic period was known among the Tevarin as the Purge, during which time most of the Tevarin destroyed their Codices (the holy writ of Rijora).[1]


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