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A list of Issues that are currently in-progress or need to be done on the Wiki.

Feel free to contact Issue leaders to contribute, or simply start adding content.

To add an issue, please type the name of your issue below, preceded by "Issue:" (For example: "Issue:Ships Page Rework"). Please keep the issue title short and succinct

Issue List

NOTE: Issues in the below list should be modified on their individual pages. Any changes made there will be updated on this table automatically.

Issue Title Type Description Date Created Priority Status Leader
New Templates Project Rework templates to support the latest standards. 2019-12-04 High In Progress User:Alistair3149
New Top Level Pages Project To support the brand new design we are in need of new top level pages which will be linked on the new front page. 2019-12-04 High Not Started [[User:]]
Wiki V3 Project Third major revision of Star Citizen.Tools with a new design and new features 2019-12-04 Medium In-Progress

Closed/Archived Issues

Issue Title Type Description Date Created Priority Status Leader
Fix KnightBridge Arms Logo Task The current logo for the KnightBridge Arms page is misspelled -- it says "KnightsBridge. The "s" should be removed. 2020-01-30 Low Fixed User:Alistair3149
In-Game aUEC Ship Costs Task Adding in-game aUEC ship costs to the Ship Pages, including both rental and purchase prices (Potentially locations) 2019-12-18 Medium Fixed User:DuskFyre
Reworked Help Page Task Help pages (Especially Getting Started) need some touchups to help the new user experience 2019-12-23 Medium Fixed User:DuskFyre
Updated Mining Page Task The Mining Page needs an upgrade with 3.8, including the new mining tips and the MOLE 2019-01-11 Medium Fixed [[User:]]

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