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Note: Write privileges are temporarily locked to 'Verified' (or higher) users only. To contribute, please join us at the /r/StarCitizen Discord (#wiki- channels)

Discord members currently enabled to grant 'Verified' (ask on Discord, #wiki- channels):

Admins: CZenStar, Citizen 404, PapaDolvak, Jumbify, Bartti

Chief Editors: atxatx, CZenStar, and Facerafter.

Editors: jeffyen, chiff, DuskFyre

See Also: Project:User Groups

To Do

To find out what is needed to be done, check out:




Team Lead User:Citizen404

CSS & Design

Team Lead: User:Alistair3149

Templates & Game Style Guides

Team Lead: User:Facerafter

Help & Community


Team Lead: User:DuskFyre

Project:Path to Citizenship

Project Home Page: Project:Path to Citizenship

Project:Comm-Link Archive

Project Home Page: Project:Comm-Link Archive

Team Lead: User:Czenstar


Project Home Page: Project:Loremasters

Team Lead: User:Czenstar


Project Home Page: Project:Translations

Step up and be counted if you are willing to work on translations.

Translations project in its early stages.

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