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Shortcut usage on the Star Citizen Wiki

A shortcut is a type of redirect page that provides an abbreviated wikilink to a project page or one of its sections, usually from the Star Citizen: namespace. If there is a shortcut for a page or section, it is usually displayed in an information box labelled 'Shortcuts', as seen at the right side of this page. See Template:Shortcut for instructions on how to create shortcuts.

Namespace aliases

Aliases are not namespaces in themselves; their main role is to provide handy ways to link to actual namespaces, by providing shortened links.

Alias Namespace
SC: Star Citizen:
ST: Star Citizen talk:
CAT: Category:
T: Template:
H: Help:
CL: Comm-Link:

Note: A portion of the text above is originated from the RuneScape Wiki under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.
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