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Tyrol system

Unclaimed binary system
Tyrol system screenshot.png
Tyrol system
System TypeBinary
Size59 AU
Star TypeSubgiant, White Dwarf
Asteroid Belts1
Discovered in2823
Discovered byDamon Huerta
Jump Points3

The Tyrol system is a system on the brink of death, consists of seven planets orbiting a late-stage red giant. While such estimates are difficult to make at a scale much below geological time, scientists believe that the star could expand and go supernova at any time in the next several thousand years. With the risk factor being so hard to calculate, the United Empire of Earth, in hopes of keeping casualties to a minimum when the star does collapse, has designated Tyrol a scientific research zone. This means that no one can own property in the system and any orbital structures need government approval. A number of entities, ranging from non-profit educational institutions to high level weapons manufacturers, have invested in expeditions to Tyrol aimed at studying the star's progress as well as other experiments that would be too hazardous to undertake in more populated systems.

Another reason beyond mere scientific pursuits has emerged to make the trek to Tyrol however. Almost completely void of an Advocacy presence and with UEE Navy forces kept to a bare minimum, many come to the system to avoid the watchful eye of the law. Tyrol has emerged in the popular consciousness as being synonymous with wild, reckless abandon. The outlaws and miscreants who have chosen to populate the system's two unofficial settlements are often looked upon as romantic figures, humans who have made the ultimate decision not to fear death and to live free. The reality is that most inhabitants of Tyrol made the choice out of desperation or simply because they had nowhere else to go.[1]

The first jump point to Tyrol was discovered in the Charon system in 2823 by Damon Huerta.[2]

Gravitational governors

Tyrol A

Tyrol A is a late-stage red subgiant.

Tyrol B

Tyrol B is a white dwarf.


Tyrol I

This small planet's rocky surface is being burned away by the dying star. It has one moon, Lanisto.

Tyrol II

Based on planetary analysis, scientists speculate that this planet might have formerly been a super-Earth.

Tyrol III

Various scientific expeditions to study the planet have led to a debate whether this coreless world was destroyed by the star's evolution or never completely formed.

Tyrol IV

Classified as a cthonian planet, it is a former gas giant that lost its atmosphere. The remaining, dense planet core is a source of gemstones.

Tyrol V

A former ice giant that has been melted down to its rocky surface. Home to the system's largest settlement, Haven, which has been built into the side of a vast canyon. Considered a bastion for those with no place left to go, living here is dangerous in many regards. Stepping into the sun without proper thermal shading can be deadly.

Tyrol VI

A typical gas giant orbiting the system's outer reaches. Useful as a refueling spot.

Tyrol VII

A protoplanet so small some scientists debate whether it qualifies as one.

Asteroid belts

Belt Alpha

A dense asteroid belt that has valuable minerals for those willing to extract them.

Known jump points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Tyrol - Charon Bidirectional Large Charon system
Tyrol - Helios Bidirectional Small Helios system
Tyrol - Goss Bidirectional Medium Goss system

Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy



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